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Terms of Use Asport Plattform

1. General Information

1.1The subscriber (e.g. clubs, plant operators) enables users (e.g. club members; "users") to manage, edit, publish, distribute and store their own content (e.g. match analyses) and data (e.g. videos; "information") relating to sporting events, training etc. via the admin area of the Asport online platform ("Asport platform"). This is operated by Swisscom Asport ("Provider").

2. Scope

2.1 By registering on the Asport platform, the user is given the opportunity to actively use the Asport platform and its tools. The scope of the usage possibilities depends on the subscription of the subscriber as well as the respective authorization of the user.

2.2 By registering on the Asport platform, the user agrees to these Terms of Use and confirms that he has read and accepted them.

3. Password, username and email address

3.1 Each user of the Asport platform chooses a password and a user name ("login name") when registering. The registration will be confirmed with an e-mail message. The user bears the responsibility and assumes all consequences that may result from the misuse of his identification features. If there is reason to suspect that third parties have become aware of the identification features, the password must be changed immediately. The responsibility for the data in particular for their careful storage lies with the user.

3.2 The user must regularly update his details (e.g. name, e-mail address, etc.) and inform the subscriber (cf. Section 8.4).

4. Rights of use and intellectual property

4.1 The subscriber grants the user the non-exclusive right to use the information made available on the Asport platform for private, non-commercial personal use, unless the user has the corresponding authorisations.

4.2 All rights, titles and claims (including trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights as well as other rights) to, for and from all information and content (including all texts, data, graphics and logos) on and to the Asport platform remain with the subscriber. or the respective copyright holder. For this purpose, the subscriber grants the user the non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive right, limited to the period of use, to access the functionalities of the Asport platform via the Internet, which may only be exercised by the registered users. The user does not receive any further rights.

4.3 All elements contained on the Asport platform or created by the user, in particular information, images, layouts, trademarks, designs or any kind of intellectual property rights ("created elements"), are automatically transferred free of charge to the subscriber or his partner ("authorised third parties") through the exercise of the rights of use in accordance with section 4.1. The user hereby assigns all of these rights to the subscriber. Furthermore, the user grants the subscriber all consents which may be necessary to use these created elements within the framework of the Asport platform or other media and to pass them on to authorised third parties.

5. Contents

5.1 The user is prohibited from using the Asport platform for activities or making content accessible that violates legal provisions of the applicable law or infringes the rights of third parties (e.g. copyrights and trademark rights). In particular, the user shall not store, disseminate or have disseminated any content glorifying violence, racist, pornographic, harmful to minors, false or offensive.

5.2 The user is further obliged not to upload any files to the platform that contain viruses and/or are suitable to cause damage to the subscriber, their contractual partners and/or the Asport platform.

5.3 The Subscriber reserves the right to delete the User's content or comments at any time without notifying the User/Author and/or to block the User's account if the User violates the foregoing. Also reserved is the initiation of legal steps and/or further measures, e.g. according to the articles of association.

6. No warranty

6.1 The subscriber does not give the user any guarantees in connection with the use of the Asport platform. In particular, it gives no warranty for the correctness, accuracy, reliability, up-to-dateness, adequacy or completeness of the information contained on the Asport platform. All information is provided without guarantee.

7. Changes to Asport Plattform

7.1 The subscriber reserves the right to expand, change, restrict or discontinue the Asport platform or its functionalities at any time. The subscriber further reserves the right to temporarily suspend or restrict the Asport platform for maintenance, security or capacity reasons. The user acknowledges that the subscriber does not have to inform him of this in advance and that the availability of the Asport platform is not guaranteed.

8. Data Protection

a) General information

By accepting the terms of use, the user consents to the data processing described below:

b) Access concept

Registered users of the Asport platform can create a profile and upload content such as videos, text, photos and graphics. The user's own profile or the profile of his team/club, including the shared content, can display information about the user and his activities, which are publicly visible. This also applies to interactions of the user with other users (e.g. comments, "likes", private messages).

c) User accounts

The Asport platform allows certain users ("administrators") to grant other users access rights at team/club level (or higher). Depending on their authorisation, users with such access can view and change the content of other users.

d) Content

The Asport platform allows a user to manage the privacy settings of their content. The following options are available:

Public: Content of the user will be publicly accessible.

Hidden: The content of the user will only be accessible to those persons who own the corresponding link. This link can optionally be password protected.

Private: Only the user or his organization/club/team has access to the content.

The user can adjust these settings at any time via the Asport platform.

e) Personal details

The following user data may be generated when using the Asport platform:

I) User data (in particular photo, gender, date of birth, country, postal code, information about living situation, etc.),

II) Data which the user discloses and collects when registering on the Asport platform (e.g. personal data, space conditions etc., i.e. service-specific settings),

III) non-personal data, which may be generated and personalized due to technical processes during the use of the Asport platform,

IV) Internet Protocol addresses or IP addresses,

V) Personal data and other data which the user discloses when participating in interactions on the Asport platform,

VI) reactions of other users to the user's information communicated by e-mail, chat or electronically.

f) Third-party data

Data may be requested from third parties and may supplement the existing data on the Asport platform. This applies to connections to social networks or third-party authentication services, such as YouTube or Facebook, which can optionally be established via a secure interface. This personal data includes name, e-mail address, user ID and images from the account. More information about YouTube and Google's privacy policy can be found here.

g) Use of personal data

The subscriber collects, stores and processes personal user data to the extent necessary for the administration, processing, publication and dissemination of content (e.g. match analyses) and information relating to sporting events, trainings etc. via the online platform.

Contracting parties or authorised third parties will only collect, process and use personal data to the extent required to fulfil the contract. The subscriber has concluded corresponding contractual agreements with the contractual partners for this purpose. The user agrees to the collection, processing and use of such data to this extent. This also includes the written, telephone or e-mail notification of users and information about technical changes or errors in the use of the Asport platform.

h) Processing of personal data by the provider

The provider processes personal data within the scope of using the Asport platform for the following purposes:

- to provide and improve the services of the Asport platform

- for support purposes

- to inform about innovations and changes of functionalities and services of the Asport platform

Furthermore, reference is made to the provider's data protection declaration.

i) Disclosure of personal data

The subscriber does not pass on any personal data of the user to third parties without having informed the user and obtained his consent.

We reserve the right to disclose the information to and process it by third parties if this is necessary or appropriate in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations or to check compliance with them and to respond to enquiries from competent authorities.

j) Cookies

If the user uses the Asport platform, information may be automatically stored on the user's computer. This occurs in the form of so-called "cookies" or a similar file which help Asport or its contractual partners, for example, to know the preferences of users of the Asport platform and to improve the Asport platform.

Most browsers allow you to delete cookies, prevent their installation, or generate a warning before they are installed. Further information can be found in the browser instructions.

k) Financial information

The Asport platform offers the possibility to buy services, further content or extensions. For this a user has to indicate a valid payment method (e.g. credit card or PayPal account). The user's payment information is collected and processed by our authorized payment providers (x or similar). The Subscriber does not collect or store credit or debit card numbers as part of the normal processing of transactions.

l) Data security

The user is aware that data protection cannot yet be comprehensively guaranteed for data transmissions on the Internet according to the current state of the art. In this respect, the user himself is responsible for the security of the data he transmits to the Internet.

On the Asport platform Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is used as a security system. All personal information, such as user name, address or passwords are sent encrypted and stored on a server that is protected from unauthorized access.

m) User rights

The User may at any time request the Subscriber to send him a copy of the personal data relating to him in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Furthermore, the subscriber will correct or delete this data at any time at the request of the user. The user can contact the subscriber directly.

9. General terms and conditions of third parties and links

9.1 Certain services on the Asport platform are not provided by Asport itself. For the use of these services, the terms and conditions of the respective providers of these services apply to the users.

9.2 The subscriber is not responsible for the content of websites to which links are provided on the Asport platform and excludes all liability. Any liability claims of the user against the subscriber in connection with such links are - to the extent permitted by law - excluded.

10. Final provisions

10.1 The subscriber reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time.

10.2 Should one or more of the provisions of these Terms of Use be or become void or ineffective, the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use shall remain unaffected thereby. In the event of the invalidity or ineffectiveness of a clause, it shall be replaced by a clause that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose of the ineffective provision.

10.3 All communications from the Subscriber to the User shall be deemed to have been made when Asport sends the communication to the User by e-mail to the address provided by the User (cf. Section 3.2).

Data Protection is a matter of trust and your trust is important to us

We respect your privacy and your personal rights. Swisscom Broadcast AG, Ostermundigenstrasse 9, 3050 Bern ("Swisscom" or "we") is committed to the responsible and legally compliant handling of personal data.

This online data protection declaration ("declaration") describes the way in which we process your personal data when you visit our website or contact Swisscom (all together "Swisscom online services").

Table of contents

  1. Processing of personal data
  2. Cookies
  3. Which web analysis and tracking technologies do we use?
  4. How can the use of cookies and web analysis tools be prevented?
  5. How and why do we use social plugins?
  6. Newsletter
  7. Storage duration and data deletion
  8. What rights to you have with regard to your personal data?
  9. How to contact us
  10. How can we change this statement?
1. Processing of personal data

Personal data is all data and information relating to an identified or identifiable person. In addition to your contact data such as name, telephone number, address or e-mail address and other information that you provide to us when registering, placing an order or participating in competitions or surveys and the like, this may also include the IP address that we register when you visit our website and that we combine with other information such as the pages viewed and reactions to offers displayed on our websites.

2. Cookies
2.1 What are cookies?

So-called cookies are used on Swisscom Internet pages. These are small files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit or use one of our Internet pages. Cookies store certain settings via your browser and data about the exchange with the Internet site via your browser. When a cookie is activated, it is assigned an identification number (cookie ID) which identifies your browser and allows the information contained in the cookie to be used.

Most of the cookies we use are temporary session cookies that are automatically deleted from your computer or mobile device at the end of the browser session. In addition, we also use permanent cookies. These remain stored on your computer or mobile device after the end of the browser session. Depending on the type of cookie, these permanent cookies remain stored on your computer or mobile device for between one month and ten years and are automatically deactivated after the programmed time has elapsed.

2.2 Why do we use cookies?

The cookies we use serve to enable various functions of our Internet pages. Cookies help, for example, to save your country and language settings and your shopping basket across different pages of an Internet session.

Through the use of cookies, we can also record and analyse the user behaviour of visitors to our Internet pages. This enables us to make our Internet pages more user-friendly and effective and to make your visit to our Internet pages as pleasant as possible. In addition, we can display information on the site that is specifically tailored to your interests.

We also use cookies to optimise our advertising. Cookies enable us to present you with advertisements and/or special goods and services that may be of particular interest to you due to your use of our website. It is our aim to make our Internet offer as attractive as possible for you and to display advertising that corresponds to your presumed areas of interest.

2.3 Which data is collected?

Cookies record usage information, such as the date and time of access to our website, the name of the website visited, the IP address of your terminal device and the operating system used. For example, cookies also provide information about which of our Internet pages you visit and from which website you came to our Internet page. We can also use cookies to track which topics you are researching on our website.

2.4 Third Party Cookies?

The cookies or corresponding technologies stored on your computer or mobile device may also originate from other Swisscom Group companies or independent third parties such as advertising partners or Internet service providers.

These cookies enable our partner companies to address you with individualised advertising and to measure its effectiveness. The cookies of the partner companies also remain stored on your computer or mobile terminal for between one month and ten years and are automatically deactivated after the programmed time has elapsed.

Our advertising partners only receive access to data on the basis of an identification number (cookie ID). This is online usage information such as our Internet pages that you have visited and what content you have used.

For Swisscom customers who have registered, the online usage information may be linked to information on the use of Swisscom products and services as well as demographic data such as age group, residential region and gender, and made available to advertising partners. Our customers have the possibility at any time to object to the use of such data by advertising partners by means of settings in the customer centre or by your communication to a customer contact point.

3. Which web analysis and tracking technologies do we use?

In order to obtain information about the use of our Internet pages and to improve our Internet offer, we use Web analysis tools. These tools are usually provided by a third party. As a rule, the information collected for this purpose about the use of an Internet site is transmitted to the server of the third party through the use of cookies. Depending on the third-party provider, these servers are located abroad.

The transmission of the data takes place by shortening the IP addresses, whereby the identification of individual terminal devices is prevented. The IP address transmitted by your browser as part of the use of third-party tools is not linked to other data from these third-party providers. A transfer of this information by third parties only takes place due to legal regulations or in the context of order data processing.

We also use so-called re-targeting technologies on our Internet pages. This enables us to address users of our Internet pages with advertising on the Internet pages of third parties. The insertion of advertisements on Internet pages takes place on the basis of cookies in your browser, a cookie ID and an analysis of the previous use.

If you use our website from an EEA member state (EU and EFTA member states with the exception of Switzerland), we only use the following third party cookies and tracking technologies to recognise traffic from the EEA and control the use of tools as well as to correct errors and optimise our website:

Google Analytics

If you want to prevent the use of these tools, you can proceed as described in the following section.

4. How can the use of cookies and web analysis tools be prevented?

Die meisten Internet-Browser akzeptieren Cookies automatisch. Sie können jedoch Ihren Browser anweisen, keine Cookies zu akzeptieren oder Sie jeweils anzufragen, bevor ein Cookie einer von Ihnen besuchten Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can instruct your browser not to accept cookies or to request them before accepting a cookie from a web page you visit. You can also delete cookies from your computer or mobile device by using the appropriate function of your browser.

You can find a list of the technologies used with information about the providers, the purpose of the respective technologies, the corresponding possibilities to prevent or restrict their use, as well as further information about the respective providers here.

If you decide not to accept our cookies or the cookies and tools of our partner companies, you will not see certain information on our Internet pages and will not be able to use some functions that are intended to improve your visit.

5. How and why do we use social plugins?

On our internet pages we also use so-called social plugins. The plugins are recognizable by the logo of the respective social network.

All plugins used are set up using the 2-click method. Thus the respective plugins are activated only if you click the icon of the offerer.

If you call up a page on our website that contains an activated plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to the provider's servers. The content of the plugin is transmitted by the respective provider directly to your browser and integrated into the page. Through the integration of the plugins, certain information is transmitted to the third party provider. Certain information is also stored by the third party (name, e-mail, ID, images from the account).

If you are not a member of the corresponding social networks, there is still the possibility that these can learn and store your IP address via the Social Plugin. If you are logged in to one of the social networks, the third party providers can assign your visit to our website directly to your personal profile on the social network. If you interact with the plugins, for example by pressing the "Like", "+1", "Twitter" or "Instagram" buttons, the corresponding information is also transmitted directly to a third-party server and stored there. The information is also published in the social network, on your Twitter or Instagram account and displayed there to your contacts. The purpose and scope of the data collection and the further processing and use of the data by the third-party providers as well as your rights in this regard and setting options to protect your privacy can be found in the data protection information of the third-party providers. A list with the plugins used by us and further information of the respective providers can be found below.

If you do not want Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to associate the data collected via our website with your personal profile on the relevant social network, you must log out of the relevant social network before visiting our website. You can also completely prevent the plugins from loading with specialized add-ons for your browser such as "NoScript" ( or "Gostery" (

6. Newsletter

You can register with your e-mail address for our newsletter. We process your data in this context exclusively for the purpose of sending the newsletter. You can revoke your consent to the storage of your data, your e-mail address and their use to send the newsletter at any time, for example via the "Unsubscribe" link in the respective newsletter. Your e-mail address will then be deleted from the mailing list.

7. Storage duration and data deletion

We will store and process your personal data for as long as is necessary, legally required or permitted to achieve the purpose for which it was collected. Your personal data will then be deleted from our systems or made anonymous so that you can no longer be identified.

8. What rights to you have with regard to your personal data?

You have the right to receive information about your personal data processed by us at any time in writing and free of charge. You can send us your request for information in writing and enclosing a copy of your identity card or passport to our postal address.

You also have the right to demand the correction of incorrect personal data. You also have the right to have your personal data deleted if we are not obliged or entitled to store some of your personal data due to the applicable laws and regulations.

9. How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us as follows:

- By contactform

- By mail: Swisscom Broadcast AG, Ostermundigenstrasse 99, CH-3050 Bern

10. How can we change this statement?

We reserve the right to adapt this declaration at any time. The version published on our Internet pages applies in each case.

Third Party Cookies and Tracking Technologies

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Google Analytics Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
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Social Media Plugins

Solution Offerer Address
Facebook Facebook Inc. 1601 S. California Ave
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Google+ Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
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Twitter Twitter Inc. 795 Folsom St., Suite 600
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YouTube Google Ireland Limited Gordon House Barrow Street
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